About Inject

Our vision is to educate every business owner on what it takes to hire the best talent in the market.

Inject is a Melbourne-based business, working nationally with the small-medium business market.  We partner with a range of industries and roles, but the one commonality around the people we hire is that true value is in getting that right person, as opposed to simply an impressive resume.  We mostly work with businesses with under 150 employees and no HR department.  However, on occasion we will work with businesses who have a progressively thinking HR manager with aligned values.

Inject was originally founded in 2013 by Tommy Sim, who is also the founder of our partner company Beyond HR Consulting.  In January 2015, Emma Teale joined the business and both Emma and Tommy saw complete alignment in approach and values between the two of them.  Emma has now stepped into the role of Managing Director at Inject, whilst Tommy is helping to grow Beyond HR, as well as other opportunities to help our clients.

We are very proud that 87% of our business comes from referrals and that one third of clients pro-actively refer us to new clients without even being asked.  We don’t mind where new clients come from, what we do care about is that there is an alignment of values and perspective.  To be honest, we are not for everyone.  But if you do think we are talking the same language, we would love to hear from you.


Our vision is to educate every business owner on what it takes to hire the best talent in the market.


These are the values that we live and die by.  We welcome you to catch us out if ever you believe we aren’t living these every day.

  1. Pursue emotional intelligence. First, know that emotions drive behaviour.  Second, understand why you do what you do and why others do what they do.  Third, behave accordingly.
  2. Seek first to understand. They say the person in the room with an opinion is the weakest one.  Understand the situation first and base your decisions on the facts.
  3. Display candour. There is so much BS out there.  Be honest with yourself and honest with others.  People can take more than what you think, but also remember the first value when doing so.
  4. Be a good human. Show the best version of yourself – but be yourself. You’ll get less wrinkles that way.
  5. 1 + 1 = 3. A scattered effort is a wasted effort.  Focus on a few combined actions to deliver a superior outcome.

Our people

Emma Teale

Hi, thanks for your curiosity to find out a little more about me. This must be something we have in common… curiosity. It’s rare when you find your calling – but I have, and it’s what drives my passion to help candidates, clients and my team to realise their true potential. I like to keep things real and am OBSESSED with human behaviour and understanding why people do the things they do and behave in a certain way…pretty helpful I think for the line of work I’m in. I also support an incredible team who share the same values. I’ve worked in large corporates for ages – whether it’s internal recruitment or executive roles in agencies – but it’s pretty safe to say recruitment has been my whole world. That’s apart from waitressing in Canada where I learnt two things that I’m a terrible at; waitressing and the art of apologising. So after corporate life I went out on my own and loved it, had great returns and discovered that really I can do things the way I’ve always wanted by being honest and calling it as it is… but I wasn’t truly satisfied until I met someone like minded who shares my values and is in it for the right reasons. That’s when I joined Inject.

Robert Jeffrey

I began my career in 2010 back home in the U.K in the world of recruitment agencies. After a couple years in recruitment sales, I realised that this was not something that I enjoyed. Now don’t get me wrong, it was not the recruitment – it was the sales. I’m not a salesperson and I felt that you needed to be one when focusing on making a fee for placing candidates. I want companies and candidates to make the right decision on their engagements, not just because someone needs to hit their monthly sales target. I then moved into the HR arena and alongside my HR responsibilities, I had been advising managers on their hiring decisions and assisting them with their long-term recruitment strategies. In 2018, I decided to come back to Australia to further these skills, which has landed me here at Inject – a recruitment company like no other (and I’m not just saying that because my senior team can see this). Inject is taking the best bits of recruitment and truly partnering high performing candidates with the organisations we work with, ultimately making a positive long-term impact on the company.

Anthea Johnston

I’ve completed both a Masters in Human Resource Management, and a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. Coincidentally or not, Inject processes are a perfect combination of the two. We’re definitely not your average recruitment company, we delve a lot deeper. Therefore, my two passions have come together, and thereby helping others with what they’re passionate about; their business.

I’m fortunate to come to work everyday and be able to learn, inspire and educate. But above all, be a part of someone else’s success story, and that’s what I absolutely love. This is alongside the love I have for the authentic fundamental principles for which we stand, and the incredible work culture. You’ll never meet a small team more determined, hard working and simply genuine. Luckily enough, I get to grow my own career, meanwhile both watching and partaking in growing others. That in itself is such an incredible thing.

Michelle Gascoigne

“What do you do?” This question makes me pause and consider – if I say “HR” there will be an audible pause, a break in the conversation – an “Oh”. I want to change that. Instead, I will say, “Actually I work with companies to help them harness the power of their people”. You see the important thing is not what I do – but what a company does. What has it tried before? What is not working? Why would it want to review its people strategy? Having the qualifications but more importantly, the experience in being able to do this across different industries and organisations means an owner, or a company, can have the confidence and belief in myself and the whole Inject Team to deliver successful strategies and solutions to harness the power of their people. If thinking about HR makes you stop and pause – contact us – so I can show you how we are different and how you can be too.

Emma Fan (BQ)

Maybe you’ve been to a restaurant and seen a quirky stranger shamelessly take a million photos from every possible angle (including but not limited to standing on the chair), and only two hours later do they finally decide which photo to post? Well, that person was probably me. It may seem like a lot of effort but as our Digital Content Producer, I spend a lot of time wondering how to get people to like me (Facebook), to find people to connect with me (LinkedIn), to have people watch me (Youtube), and to get people to listen to me (Twitter). Frankly speaking, I think a non-egotistical social media expert just doesn’t exist – I’m kidding! Underneath all the fussing and really bad jokes, it’s really about keeping the finger on the pulse. What really excites me is the constant search for inspiration, the discovery of answers amongst all the analytics and the creativity around perfecting content like a work of art. At the end of the day, I am a storyteller and sharing a message to those who can truly benefit … that’s the bottom line of what I love to do.

Tommy Sim

Hello and thanks for visiting our site!  I founded this company back in 2013 and what I find most amazing are the businesses we have helped transform into a company they had only ever dreamed of!  Fast forward to today and I am even more passionate about helping business leaders build high performing teams than ever.  I am happy to talk with you about my experience and qualifications (I know you know how to use Google though – it’s basically me and some doctor from Texas), but I feel like it’s less about that and more about what our team can do for you today – reminiscing on a Friday with a glass of vino is enjoyable, but making a real impact on a Monday morning with a strong latte is inspiring.  I love to see the looks of relief, excitement and confidence on the faces of the business owners when they start to see real success.  I am just as excited to see our team here share the same passion as I do.  So, I encourage you to check us out and if you think there could be alignment then please get in touch!