For ambitious companies looking to build a high performing team, Inject Recruitment secures you the best talent in the market, because we hire by using scientifically proven techniques. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies who often focus on ticking the box and selling you candidates, our methods assess candidates for the right attitude, aptitude and suitability for the role. Best of all, we only charge for the work that we do.

Some of our core services include:

Keeping you one step ahead of the competition, Inject delivers recruitment consulting services in Melbourne with a difference. To find out more, contact us on 03 8391 3091 today.

What you get at Inject

A talent strategy by professional recruiters – not sales people

Your competition will all be fishing for people in the same pond. We identify the exact target market and then build a proposition and message that motivates them to apply. We are consistently being told by the best candidates that they only applied for one or two roles and our message compelled them to apply for the one we were offering.

A rigorous assessment process that is scientifically proven to select higher performers

Most people hire on experience, yet fire on behaviours and unsuitability. It makes no sense. We use a combination of structured behavioural event interviewing, observations of behaviours, psychometric testing and other assessments to determinng the likelihood of each candidate performing well in your business.

A transparent view of candidates – not the dressed up version

We never edit resumes, we don’t spoonfeed candidates on what to say and we provide you with the warts-and-all view of candidates. We have a comprehensive view of each candidate and we will share that with you. It is our goal that you hire the right person, not just anyone who seems to fit the criteria.

And best of all, we simply charge for the work we perform, which means we are not incentivised to “sell” you candidates and it ends up being around a third of the cost of agencies.