How to use open questions effectively with your staff

Foster Packaging (now known as Omniverse Foster Packaging Group after a recent merger) provides flexible packaging solutions Australian manufacturing businesses.  The business develops and promotes exciting, cutting-edge packaging to suit a wide spectrum of product types and requirements.  The aim of Omniverse Foster Packaging Group is to encapsulate the highest level of customer service and superior quality packaging.

In June 2015, the business required a machine operator fast.  The prior incumbent had left the business and the only other person who could operate the machine in those days was the owner Joe Foster.  Joe wore many hats at the time, including growing and developing the business, so spending too much time operating the machine hampered these activities.

As the pouch machine machine was one that most people would not have operated before, so it was important to have the candidate who had the right level of interest in learning, with the aptitude and work ethic to match.  This was our focus and in fact the candidate we had identified had actually worked most recently as a sales person (believe it or not)!  After interviewing him and then applying the mechanical reasoning assessment, despite his diverse background, we knew he was the right person.

In the end, it took 19 days from job brief to his first day with a cost of $2,541.  Let us be clear – we are not about finding candidates the fastest – we are about finding the best performer in the market.  It was fortunate that it was this quick and we were happy that we could alleviate Joe from operating the machine.  Our candidate John is still working incredibly well in the business today and loving his role.   He has stepped up and taking on more accountability within the factory as the business goes from strength to strength.  An example of this work was that after the merger with Omniverse and the business moved premises, John disassembled and re-assembled the entire machine on his his own! This is a quite a complex machine spanning over 18 metres long x 2 metres wide with many mechanical and electronic parts.

“In the past I tended to do the sourcing myself and found that it was consuming so much of my time that should have been spend on the business so when I was offered their service I decided to give it a try and very pleasantly surprised how it worked out this time and many times afterwards. The process that Inject Recruitment used was very technically detailed in this case and allowed us to select from a few top possible candidates instead of having to plough through the hundreds of applicants.“

– Joe Foster

“Inject are very professional company to deal with, the explained the process and timing very clearly so when I went for my first interview I understood that they matched my skill set and was quite please that the job I applied for was exactly what I was looking for. To many time agents send you to companies to get the placement rather than fitting the correct person with the specific job.”

– John

Our clients are proud of the people they’ve hired