Career Transition and Outplacement Services

Positioning your redundant employees to land their next job.

For small-to-medium businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

You’ve made the difficult decision to make a role redundant, what’s next?

Redundancies can occur in any business or industry. With the impacts of COVID19 slowing down businesses everywhere, the number of employees being made redundant are dramatically increasing. Managers who have never had to face this before are making tough choices and may be unsure about how to position the conversation.

Career Transition  services (also known as Outplacement) provides the employer a way to show support to an employee who has just been notified their role is redundant. It’s a one-on-one consulting service between a career coach and the employee to advise on how to set themselves up for success when looking for their next role.


Yes, we educate employees… But what’s the benefit to the employer?

  • Leave a lasting impression of your business. Offering career transitioning support shows you genuinely care about your employees. Being made redundant can have a lasting impression and as a business owner, you have the power to leave a positive one.
  • Create employee advocacy. Career transition services can create employee advocacy for existing employees, by showing you’ll do the right thing, even when times are tough.
  • Avoid unfair dismissal cases. If exiting employees feel supported and confident about their job prospects, there’s less risk they’ll bring an unfair dismissal claim against you.

Career Coaching and Career Transition support to prepare your employee to land their next role. 

We offer two to four sessions per employee. Whether a junior staff member or senior executive, sessions involve practical advice to successfully transition into a new position. Depending on individual needs, we offer three packages:


  • Resume review and feedback
  • Cover letter template
  • Education about interviews
  • Education on applying for jobs
  • Information on how to work with recruitment agencies
  • Action plan to follow

2 x sessions


Everything in SILVER, plus:

  • Resume and cover letter rewrite
  • Working one-on-one with identifying and applying for specific opportunities
  • Behavioural interview preparation

3 x sessions


Everything in GOLD, plus:

  • Completion of strengths-based personality profile (OPQ)
  • Consultation on potential career paths aligned to strengths-based profile
  • Skills practice for behavioural interviews with feedback session
  • LinkedIn profile review and update
  • Networking strategy

4 x sessions

Why Inject?

We understand what drives growth and success in small-to-medium businesses. And it starts with the right people.

Since 2013, the team at Inject has been helping fast-growing small-medium businesses build competitive advantage through their people and culture. 

We’ve consulted to Managing Directors, CEOs and Senior Managers on the roles they need to hire to grow their businesses and the attitudes, aptitudes and behaviours they need in their new recruit.


We know what makes candidates stand-out.

We’ve reviewed tens of thousands of job applications, so we know it takes more than a proofread resume to catch the readers’ eye. 

We dig beyond the experience or job titles to filter true motivation and personality from an application. 

Having also conducted hundreds of behavioural interviews  we know what to ask for to assess for aptitude and behaviour. 

We combine this experience, expertise and a deep understanding of small to medium businesses to help candidates best prepare and position themselves for the next role.

Give your employees the best chance of employment with Inject’s Career Transition and Outplacement Support.

The Australian job market is fast-moving and only getting more competitive. But there are still opportunities for candidates to create an impact and improve their chances.

We offer face to face sessions in our Melbourne offices or via Skype and Google Hangouts.

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