Hiring Your First Employee?

When growing a small business, making your first hire is an exciting milestone but make sure to start on the right foot!

Speaking from my experience as an HR professional, I can attest to the fact that business owners often rush to meet this milestone and in the process, fail to create proper policies and procedures. Although it may not seem absolutely necessary, to reduce business risks and maximise return, business owners take care of certain essentials prior to hiring their first employee. Why is this?

Well… Did you know?

  • Staff performance issues can be caused by any one of:
    – Lack of role clarity
    – Recruitment mismatch of job and employee
    – Work organisation issues
    – Interpersonal/team issues
    – Work environment issues
    – Employment conditions and/or other workplace stress?
  • Many managers avoid dealing with small performance issues because they don’t have the right structure in which to do so.  This often leads to larger problems and sustained under performance for months.
  • A “poor relationship with manager” is one of the top three reasons for staff turnover.  Issues related to differences in expectations and not managing issues properly can have a detrimental effect on manager-employee relationships.
  • Businesses with even one employee can still be subject to legal action from their employee(s) with potential fines in the tens of thousands.

So…how can you reduce your risk and maximise your return?

  • Get an employment contract that is drafted by employment lawyers and appropriate for the job.  One size does not fit all.
  • Document a position description and key performance indicators that are relevant and meaningful for your business and your employee’s role.
  • Execute a Performance and Development review structure that supports ongoing coaching, communication and development.
  • Gain a solid understanding of the natural behaviours and motivations of your new employee, so you know how you can help them perform at their best.
  • Create a Development Plan that is tailored to your employee’s needs and the requirements of role.
  • Cover off all the other essential compliance matters that come with employing people

Good News!

Inject provides HR solutions for small business with our various plans and packages. Our Right Foot solution is for business owners hiring their first employee(s) who want to cover their risks and maximise their return.  We take care of the essentials, to help you avoid the potential headaches down the track.