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Finding The Right Talent For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

When you are a small to medium-sized business, every addition to your team counts. You cannot afford to have someone not picking up their fair share of the load. This is why for so many business owners, the thought of employing people on a permanent basis induces fear, as they feel it’s too big of a financial risk.

Inject works alongside your business to source, assess and hire the best talent that meets your individual needs. Inject has decades of experience in permanent talent solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We implement proven hiring processes backed by research and a track record of successful hires.

Why Partner With Inject?

Inject understands what drives performance and what’s surprising to many, is that resume’s play only a small role in determining this. Recruitment process outsourcing RPO companies like Inject, recognise that a resume is only an indication of what could be a potentially valuable employee. Our team at Inject doesn’t recruit based on gut instinct. We use a robust and reliable recruiting process that is scientifically proven to find suitable candidates with the correct skills and performance levels to suit your role specifically.

Not only can we find you the best talent available to suit the role, but by teaming up with our partner HR company, Beyond HR Consulting, we can provide professional insight into what might be the correct levels of pay, offer advice on different employment situations and the risks and benefits of each.

There are many benefits of permanent recruitment services. Talented and engaged employees are what make businesses successful. Offering them structure, security and a competitive wage will no doubt allow your business to continue to grow and perform at its peak.

We’ve comprehensively assessed over 2000 candidates to date


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