Psychometric Testing

A scientifically proven method to access candidates aptitude and behaviors and indicate weather they’d perform better in a role 

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Identify Candidate Fit, Strengths & Flags Using Psychometric Analysis

Our team at Inject use psychometric assessments that have been used for decades and validated across thousands of users across the globe. We don’t just conduct and interpret these tests for you – we give you clear and transparent feedback on candidates’ performance.

While other recruiters have an understanding of the theory and research, very few have directly seen the results play out in the workplace. Because of our partnership with the HR company Beyond HR, we continue to work closely alongside business managers to see if these test scores come to fruition. We monitor candidate progress including writing assessment reports, all of which have spelt out to us in black and white the effectiveness of these assessments.

We can give you key insight into a candidate’s strengths and areas of development, giving our inside knowledge on how they can be best managed throughout the recruitment process.

It’s our job at Inject to use these assessments in conjunction with phone and behavioural interviews to predict the probability of a candidate performing well for your company. Inject provides many evaluation processes that can be incorporated into the recruitment process. Some of our best methods include, but are not limited to:

The Power Of Psychometric Testing for Small to Medium Businesses

These assessments are for any small to medium businesses that are challenging their industry and/or provide premium products or services. They are made available not only to our Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner businesses but also as a stand-alone product for businesses who can clearly identify the benefits they have in the recruitment process.

Incorporating Psychometric Testing Increases The Chances of Hiring the Right Person

Most people make their recruiting decisions based on gut instinct. However, by incorporating psychometric assessments into your recruitment process, you can make an informed decision based on facts and evidence that you are employing the best candidate available.

Psychometric testing can uncover many blinds spots other methods miss. This can put your company streets ahead of the rest when it comes to recruiting top talent. Psychometric testing will identify if a candidate is suited to the specific role, what sort of behaviours you can expect from them in the workplace and what their aptitude will be like when it comes to learning and solving problems.

We’ve comprehensively assessed over 2000 candidates to date


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