Permanent Recruiting

Permanent recruitment is a core factor in determining whether a fast growing, small to medium businesses will succeed.

The thought of employing people on a permanent basis induces fear in many business owners as they feel it’s a great financial risk. This anxiety can result in going down the path of temporary staffing, recruiting on a casual or part-time basis and paying the lower end of the wage scale in hope that the newly recruited person will prove themselves. These methods are likely to result in a situation where both parties lose. Why? Because these processes are implemented with a ‘playing not to lose’ rather than a ‘playing to win’ attitude. The relationship is doomed to fail before you even post the job ad.

What if you had a permanent recruitment consultant to make your recruiting process a success by ensuring that your SME employed the right person who was the perfect fit for your business. What if you hired that person on a permanent placement and paid them their worth? The employee would not only enjoy their role and want to help your business succeed, but likely be a long-term valuable employee who will grow your company, rather than looking for a better opportunity on their lunch break.
The benefits of permanent recruitment services are vast. Talented and engaged employees are what make businesses successful, so offering them structure, security and a competitive wage will no doubt allow your business to reach new heights.

Permanent Recruitment Solutions with our Experts at Inject

A common misconception is that permanent recruiting is more of a risk than recruiting casual, whereas in fact, studies have shown that permanent employees are generally more driven and loyal to the business than those without the permanent status.
By utilising our permanent recruitment services, you will have confidence in the fact that your business will soon prosper. Recruit with confidence and book a consultancy with one of our experts at Inject today.

Inject have decades of experience in permanent staffing solutions and management for Small to Medium businesses and implement many proven hiring processes that we know work. Not only can we find you the best talent available to suit your role, but by teaming up with our partner HR company Beyond HR, we can provide professional insight into the what might be the correct levels of pay, offer advice on different employment situations and the risks and benefits of each.

Leave your recruiting needs to the experts. We understand what drives performance and what’s surprising to many, is that resume’s play a minimal role in determining this. Recruitment outsourcing companies recognise that a resume is only an indication of what could be a potentially valuable employee. Our team at Inject don’t recruit based on gut instinct like most businesses do. We use a robust and reliable recruiting process that is scientifically proven to find candidates with the best skills and performance to suit your role specifically.

What do I get at Inject?

• A talent strategy by professional recruiters – not sales people
• A rigorous assessment process that is scientifically proven to select higher performers
• A transparent view of candidates – not the dressed up version
Best of all, we simply charge for the work we perform, which means we are not incentivised to “sell” you candidates. This results in the cost only being around a third of what an agency might charge.

Searching for a Permanent Recruitment Consultant?

Located Australia wide, our clients are based in all major states and cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Hobart. Contact one of our Inject consultants today to find out why our unique approach to recruitment is achieving such great results for our clients.