Psychometric Testing

Would you be happy paying an employee 100% of their income for only 25% of the work?

That 25% may be the best they can perform for the role they are in, it might just mean they aren’t the right fit. Hiring staff who don’t meet the requirements of businesses is a billion-dollar financial cost to Australian companies, yet there is an easy solution to avoid this. A talent acquisition specialist who incorporates psychometric testing into their recruitment process, can give you peace of mind that you are employing a high performer capable of performing up to 400% better than average employee.

What is a Psychometric Test?

A psychometric test is a scientifically proven method used to assess and measure a person’s mental ability and behavioural style. These tests can provide a more accurate reflection of what an individual is like based on more than just surface level, person to person interactions such as interviews.
According to a study conducted by Schmidt and Hunter in 1998 called “The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology: Practical and Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings” It was found that general mental ability (GMA) is the largest predictor of performance. Strong performance is determined by the right attitude, aptitude and behavior which we can assess in our comprehensive tests.
Most people make their recruiting decisions based on gut instinct. However, by incorporating psychometric assessments into your recruitment process, you can make an informed decision based on facts and evidence that you are employing the best candidate available.

Psychometric testing can uncover many blinds spots that no other method can identify. This can put your company streets ahead of the rest when it comes to recruiting top talent.
Psychometric testing will identify if a candidate is suited to the specific role they are to perform, what sort of behaviours you can expect from them in the workplace and what their aptitude will be like when it comes to learning different tasks and solving problems. This information is invaluable when making such a financially important business decision.

There are many psychometric tests available in Australia that if not performed correctly, or not used in conjunction with other tests and evaluation methods can give an inaccurate representation of what type of person a candidate may be. However, our team at Inject use psychometric tests provided by CEB who are a global provider of intelligence. CEB psychometric assessments have been used for decades and validated through extensive research and testing. You can be certain that by incorporating our recruitment assessment tests into your recruitment process you are gaining an invaluable resource that will save you from making the mistake of recruiting the wrong person into your business.

What can Inject cover in their Psychometric Analysis?

Inject provide many evaluation processes that can be incorporated into the recruitment process.
Some of our best methods include, but are not limited to:

• Psychometric personality test
• Psychometric profiling
• Psychometric test for managers
• Aptitude tests
• Leadership evaluation
• Employment Assessment
• Skills testing
• Candidate assessment test
• Recruitment screening assessment test
• Motivational fit assessments
• Personality evaluations

Why should you choose Inject?

Many other recruitment companies who use the psychometric test and interview process may have a background learning about the theory and research, but very few have directly seen the results – we have.
Our team at Inject have been using our comprehensive psychometric tests, programs and assessments for over 10 years with great success, but it wasn’t until we collaborated with our partner company Beyond HR that we gained the evidence to prove just how much our processes and tests were of value.
By sitting down with our clients after employees have been placed, we are now able to back up that facts that utilising psychometric tests in your recruitment process result in perfectly matched companies and employees.

What do I get at Inject?

• A talent strategy by professional recruiters – not sales people
• A rigorous assessment process that is scientifically proven to select higher performers
• A transparent view of candidates – not the dressed-up version
Best of all, we simply charge for the work we perform, which means we are not incentivised to “sell” you candidates. This results in the cost only being around a third of what most recruitment agencies might charge for the same services.

Searching for a Psychometric Analyst?

Located Australia wide, our clients are based in all major states and cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Hobart. Contact one of our Inject consultants today to find out why our unique approach to recruitment is achieving such great results for our clients.