Small business recruitment consulting

Small Business Recruitment

Inject’s small business recruitment service allows SME’s around Australia to grow at rapid pace.

Managing a team who doesn’t meet your businesses requirements and expectations can be detrimental to the growth of your business. Small business owners often recruit in-house, under the assumption that it will be a more cost effective alternative than paying for the support of a recruitment specialist, however due to lack of resources and experience, in-house recruiting can end up costing your business substantially more long term.

Would you hire an accountant to build your house? Or a chef to do your dental work? There’s a reason why outsourced small business recruitment is such common practice amongst successful SME’s. Our specialist HR consultants at Inject remove the guess work, cost and stress of hiring someone unsuitable and ensure the appropriate person for the role is employed.

The method in which many small businesses recruit, is often based on gut instinct rather than via a thorough interview process based on years of recruiting experience. At Inject, we use a robust recruiting process that is scientifically proven to find candidates with the best skills and performance to specifically suit your role.
By implementing a combination of behavioural event interviewing, psychometric testing, motivational fit, reference checking and other assessments, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that the next person joining your small business is perfectly suited for the job. Our expert recruitment consultants have a track record of employing people who consistently outperform preceding employees time and time again.

We understand what drives performance and what’s surprising to many, is that resume’s play a minimal role in determining this. Expert recruitment outsourcing companies will recognise that a resume is only an indication of what could be a potentially valuable employee. A resume is only the beginning of the recruitment process SME’s should follow to ensure a successful hire.

Hiring an employee is a great financial risk, our team of small business recruitment experts are here to make sure that the risk you are taking is one that will positively impact your business and achieve your goals.

What is the cost of a small business recruitment service?

The costs involved when Inject provides recruitment for small businesses is on average a third of what many other recruitment agencies charge. Why? Because we are never incentivised to sell candidates as we work by a simple pay by the hour model.

Our top recruiting specialists take pride in the transparency of our recruiting approach and ensure we are invariably up front and direct with our consulting advice. Our primary focus is to gain the best outcome your SME and we’ll provide you with honest and direct communication throughout the entire hiring process. Unlike many small business outsourcing agencies, we don’t edit resumes and we don’t spoon-feed candidates on what to say. That’s not how outstanding, high performing, long-term and quality employees are discovered.

Utilising professional recruitment for small businesses is a surefire way to build a successful team of staff who are willing and able to achieve your business goals. Recruitment outsourcing for a small business is often the most important investment you’ll make to kickstart your next phase of sustainable growth.

Searching for a professional recruiter? Located Australia wide, our clients are based in all major states and cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Hobart. Contact an Inject consultant today to find out why our unique approach to recruitment is achieving such great results for our clients.