Talent Acquisition

Why is Talent Acquisition important in the recruitment process?

Talent acquisition is often mistaken to be a straight forward process. You put out a job listing, review the resumes, conduct your interviews and make the decision, right? Wrong. This process only scratches the surface of recruiting talent successfully. Without utilising the extensive knowledge and experience of a talent acquisition recruitment specialist, you risk hiring the wrong person, which can have a significant financial impact on your business.

Perhaps you received a resume from someone who has worked in your industry for 10 years, has many impressive qualifications and on paper – maybe even in their interview – appear to be the perfect candidate for your role. Many companies would end their talent search here and hire this person immediately. However, without further comprehensive testing and insight into whether the talent has the right attitude, aptitude and behaviour, these qualifications can be considered null and void when it comes to performance.
What if the applicant is unable to communicate well, work in a team environment, coexist and fit in with your other staff’s personalities? What if they are unable to respond well to positive criticism, use common sense, instinct and initiative, responsibly manage and grow your company, or perhaps work below management and take direction? What if they have an aggressive nature, crumble under pressure, or have a poor work ethic.
How do you know what sort of person is hiding behind their resume credentials and the performance they put on in their interview?

Without the assistance of a professional talent acquisition manager, you risk making the mistake of hiring the wrong person. Leave talent acquisition and management to our experts at Inject.

How can the help of our talent acquisition service benefit you?

Through a combination of scientifically proven techniques, including behavioural event interviewing, psychometric testing, motivational fit assessment, reference checking and many other assessments, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that the next person joining your company is the best talent available and well-suited for the job.

Our team of experts at Inject have decades of successful recruitment consultancy and talent management experience. We search far and wide to acquire talent who not only consistently outperform preceding employees time and time again, but who are long term valuable employees who strive to invest their all into helping your company reach new heights.

Our goal isn’t to just fill your position with someone who ‘will tick the boxes’ like many agencies and in-house recruiters might do. That’s not a useful solution. It is our mission to fill your position with exceptionally qualified top talent who have passed our robust screening processes and been selected for your role specifically by one of our specialist consultants. We provide you with honest and direct communication throughout the entire hiring process for your peace of mind. This is what separates us from the rest and is why Inject are the go to talent acquisition firm in Australia.

What is the cost of a talent acquisition service?

The costs involved in talent acquisition with Inject is on average a third of what many other recruitment agencies charge. Why? Because being a recruitment process outsourcing company rather than a recruitment agency, we are never incentivised to sell candidates, as we work by a simple pay by the hour model.

Our top recruiting specialists take pride in the transparency of our the method in which we recruit and ensure we are invariably up front and direct with our consulting advice. Our primary objective is to gain the best outcome your business, so provide you with honest and direct communication throughout the entire hiring process. Unlike many talent acquisition agencies, we don’t edit applicants resumes and don’t spoon-feed candidates on what to say. That’s not how outstanding, high performing, long-term and quality employees are found.

Searching for a professional talent acquisition manager?

Located Australia wide, our clients are based in all major states and cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Hobart. Contact an Inject consultant today to find out why our unique approach to recruitment is achieving such great results for our clients.