Wholesale, Importing and Distribution

Wholesale, Inventory and Distribution Industry

There are many inherent risks associated with wholesaling. Threats of external markets, local competitors, trade regulations and foreign currency fluctuations can all cause issues for wholesale businesses. Your cash flow is often tied up in stock and you need to ensure that your suppliers, sales and operational teams are all working effectively and collectively. Operational cohesion is essential across your entire value chain. This is where Inject can help.


Our consultants will identify the essential capabilities for the roles which your business needs; whether it is the analysis on the supply side, the ability to engage with the overseas suppliers the right way, or the ability to plan and ensure cash flow. Using our in-house assessments and evaluative recruitment tools, we will ensure that your business not only has the right people in the right jobs but that it has the best people in the right jobs.

How Inject helps you?

We work with you around:

  • Looking at unique talent pools to recruit
  • Developing the right talent strategy
  • Defining each role and its necessary capability for your business
  • Using the right assessment methods

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