Why Us

If you an ambitious small-medium business leader and believe that hiring the right people is critical for success, then you should talk with us.

What do you get that is different?

A talent strategy focused on the right things

Most people hire based off the resume – yet fire based off how the person attitude, aptitude and behaviour. We turn this approach on its head.

We work collaboratively with you to identify and unlock pools of talent in the market that others don’t consider. Meanwhile, your competitors’ recruitment efforts will focus on traditional markets of talent and use a selection criteria that doesn’t correlate with performance. They will be recycling the same old issues within their known options. Your new talent strategy will give you a stronger bench strength than the competition. Ultimately, you will be hiring better talent that sets a new standard.

A rigorous assessment process

You will get a far more rigorous candidate assessment process, greatly enhancing the likelihood of getting it right.

Hiring processes that rely on the content of resumes and gut feel are risky and bound to result in a poor performer being hired at some point. Your new process will include thorough telephone and face-to-face behavioural interviewing conducted by professional interviewers, aptitude testing, personality profiling specifically related to the role, detailed reference checks and an assessment of behaviour throughout the process. Finally, because we partner very closely with our HR Consulting partner Beyond HR, we have a complete feedback loop on the performance and behaviour of new hires and how this relates to what we observed or assessed during the hiring process. You will tap into the decades of experience we have in such observations.

A transparent view of the candidate

You will be working with our team whose sole task is to find great talent for your business, as opposed to finding jobs for candidates.

We are working for you, not trying to place whoever we happen to have met recently. Our goal is that you use us for pretty much every role you have, because it is when we do so that we see a step change in the overall people capability of our clients. So, you will receive resumes that have not been edited, candidates who have not been groomed in what to say, an objective assessment of each candidate that includes any concerns and most importantly, our honest and professional opinion as to whether this person is the one you should hire. We will work very closely together and for this to work, the relationship must be fully transparent. So will be your view of the candidate.

A fair pricing model

You will only pay for the work that we do – no more, no less.

Our clients tell us that they don’t trust the traditional model of paying say 15% or 18% of the successful candidate’s salary. They believe it promotes the wrong behaviours (e.g. not being transparent or rigorous as we mentioned above) and that the price is inflated. We never work for free, however, you only pay for the work that we do. We believe this is fair and so do our many satisfied clients. In fact, so much so that one out of every three clients will refer us a new client without us even asking.

Who are Inject for and why use us?

We are for ambitious companies looking to build a high performing team and value the attitude, aptitude and behaviours of employees. Inject finds you the right talent who perform better, because we hire using proven candidate attraction and assessment techniques. Our methods assess candidates for the right attitude, aptitude and suitability for the role. We are completely transparent in our dealings with you and you only pay for the work we do.

What problem do we solve?

Much like communication, driving or singing – most people can recruit. But the difference between doing it well or not so well is significant. We know that you most likely don’t have the time to sift through applications and as a result could miss out on the good ones. Hiring people is also not what you do day in day out, which can make it difficult to know the market in-depth and how to target the right pools of talent. Selection processes are often based on resumes and gut feel, which increases the chance of hiring the wrong person. This can cause a lot of stress, angst and ultimately constrains business growth. For growing small-medium businesses the impact of this is too great.

Why not use traditional recruitment agencies?

Traditional agencies charge a fee for placement, which means they get paid when a business hires a candidate they put forward. The problem with this model is that it is not aligned to finding candidates who have the best chance of being high performers.

Below are some of the main issues with the fee-for-placement model:

  • The model incentivises recruitment consultants to “sell” candidates, because they are paid when a manager accepts a candidate
  • It can result in editing resumes or spoon–feed candidates on what to say at interviews
  • It doesn’t support challenging the thinking of hiring managers on what they should really be looking for
  • The model doesn’t encourage a robust selection process that includes psychometric testing and other proven techniques for selection
  • When the candidate is head-hunted, they are sometimes employees who have been placed with one of that agency’s own clients
  • The recruitment guarantee, whereby they replace someone who leaves within 3 months, is often a trap. It can cause managers to be more cavalier with hiring decisions because they have a safety net. Hiring the wrong person and then losing/firing them within 3 months is a bad outcome, given the cost of training, time lost, impact on customers etc. The guarantee is also built into the overall placement fee.
  • Because agencies work on contingency and therefore for free every time they don’t successfully place a candidate, when they do place someone, you are paying for when they worked for free for someone else
  • Ultimately, the model is in many ways adversarial and transactional in nature – for them and for you. It makes no sense to have such a relationship with a supplier tasked with hiring people who you will need to work with, who will be representing your brand, dealing with your customers and contributing to your company culture.

Whilst not all recruitment agencies will behave this way, this has been the overwhelming feedback from our clients on what frustrates them about agencies.

What do we do differently?

Our strengths are in the talent attraction strategy and robust assessment process we will employ on your behalf. We have a track record of hiring a multitude of people who outperform employees previously hired by those businesses.

What you get:

  • An end-to-end recruitment process managed for you, starting with the job brief and managing the process until your new employee commences
  • A robust process that is proven to find people who have a better chance of being a strong performer in the role
  • A talent strategy that attracts the right candidates to apply for the role
  • A structured behavioural event interview conducted by a skilled professional
  • A robust globally recognised set of psychometric tests that we have personally used and reviewed for over 10 years
  • A candidate care model that ensures you attract and keep the best candidates in the process, whilst also having your brand represented in a way that maintains and enhances your reputation
  • A simple pay for the work we perform fee model that works out to be more cost effective than agencies

Are we suited for hiring your talent?

You shouldn’t work with us if you believe these things:

  • I believe that one of the most important things in recruitment is to hire people who require minimal training
  • Employees are out to take advantage of my company and are not to be trusted
  • I can tell whether someone will be suitable for a role just by meeting them for a few minutes
  • If someone writes on their resume or says they have achieved exceptional results (e.g. exceeding sales targets at a prior company) then they will likely be a strong performer in my company
  • It’s just about negotiating the lowest price with my suppliers and I have no ability to influence whether they deliver what I need
  • If a recruiter has a database of 20,000+ people, then surely, they will be able to find me the right person
  • The success of failure of a new hire is entirely based on the employee and has nothing to do with how we lead, manage or train them

You should work with us if you believe these things:

  • If I hire the right person and give them the right training, they can perform much better than someone with just industry experience and the wrong attitude
  • A positive working culture where people respect and support each other is very important to me
  • There are some people who have been miscast in roles and trained the wrong way and so 20 years’ experience may be one year of the wrong experience multiplied by 20
  • If I work collaboratively with professionals who have the right strategy and process, then together we will outperform the competition
  • Employee performance is based on both whether the right person is hired and how we lead, manage and train them