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Inject’s partner company, Beyond HR Consulting, assists in setting up new starters for success.

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Train, Lead And Develop Your New Talent

Finding the right people is the first step, making sure they thrive in your business is the next. Because we partner very closely with our HR Consulting partner Beyond HR, we have a complete feedback loop on your new employees’ performance and behaviour, and how this relates to what we observed or assessed during the hiring process.

Our insight throughout the recruitment process will give you an idea of how your new recruits prefer to be managed and how they like to work, giving you a head start. Our consultants will give both you and the candidate in-depth feedback on how the candidate will perform in the workplace and how they can develop.

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Employee Onboarding

Onboarding can often be a time-consuming process, that if not managed effectively, can pose legal risks to a business.

We ensure all new starters are set up to succeed. We provide a full onboarding program that includes: the welcoming of new hires to the workplace, contract set-up and negotiations as well as any role-specific administration that needs to take place.

Training For New Starters

No company wants to go through the effort of recruiting a new team member just to see them fail in the first instance. Unfortunately, this is the case for many businesses who cease to implement an effective training program. Often businesses don’t have the resources or finances to place their new starters in a 3-week induction held by internal staff. This is especially the case when they are only hiring one person at a time, and with a busy team.

Our training programs are designed specifically for your business by capturing what you already hire performing staff are doing. We are able to rapidly evolve a person’s skills and minimise the time spent on managing their performance in the future.

Performance Management & Probation

When your business is rapidly growing, it can be difficult to monitor and manage the performance of your staff. Alongside Beyond HR, we are able to help your business map what success looks like for new starters in the first 3 to 6 months, and then establish the KPIs and the training program to get them there.

Beyond HR can introduce proven strategies and processes to create a structured and objective approach to performance management. This will provide your team:

Workforce Planning

A crucial part of any businesses long-term strategy is its people. We offer a strategic workplace planning service that will identify gaps between where you currently are and where you want to be, and how you can get there. We consider your organisational design, including task allocation and coordination, in the context of the goals of your business. We then seek to identify what options are available within the business and what positions are going to be required in the future, and plan for this accordingly.

KPI & Goal Setting

As opposed to developing a long list of unachievable and unmeasurable tasks, our approach is based on finding the key measures and goals that will assist in driving the performance of the company and be motivating for your people. Beyond HR works side-by-side in developing the right measures and then supporting both your managers and staff in following up with any reviews, tweaks and development actions.

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