HR Services

Our team at Inject are highly trained in recruitment but also specialise in HR services.

We have incorporated a few important HR services that we know greatly assist with our recruitment process. This enables us to identify and recruit the best talent for your business.

Some of these HR services include:

Performance Management

When your business is rapidly growing, it can be difficult to monitor and manage the performance of your staff. Our team at Inject can introduce proven strategies and processes to create a structured and objective approach to performance management.

Staff Development

Professional staff development can be of great financial benefit to your company. Staff who aren’t performing to the best of their ability are now able to build and develop their skills allowing them to reach their full potential. Employees who are performing at 100% mean that you aren’t having to hire more staff to pick up the slack.

Psychometric Testing

Incorporating a Psychometric Test into the recruitment process allows our Inject experts to accurately assess if the candidate is suitable to the role they are applying for. By assessing their aptitude around learning different tasks and solving problems, we know how they will perform and behave in the workplace.

Our business Inject have a strong advantage above other recruitment outsourcing companies. We are lucky to work closely with our partner company Beyond HR Consulting – a Human Resources company specialising in support and management of your SME.
This partnership allows us to see the successful outcomes of our recruiting process months or years after the talent has been recruited.

For further HR services beyond what Inject offer, contact Beyond HR today.