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What you get at Inject

If you are an emotionally intelligent business owner who believes that hiring staff with the right talent and mindset is more important than what is written on their resume, then you should work with Inject.


Do you ever wish you could handball all the difficult things in life over to someone who specialises in perfecting them? Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could source the best talent for your SME’s by making a simple phone call to one of our specialist recruitment consultants.

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Receive temporary relief from immediate challenges with Administration, Customer Service, Accounts and other support roles, so you can keep moving.

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Include robust and relevant psychometric testing in your hiring process, so you have a much better chance of hiring the right talent.

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Employ people with the right mindset and talent so you can focus on growing your business. Find out today how Inject is helping emotionally intelligent business owners achieve greater confidence in their people.

If you are the leader of a small-medium sized company looking to build a high performing team, you need a hiring process that will attract and select the best talent in the market. Our goal is to create a talent strategy that identifies pools of talent where your competition are not looking and compel that right person to throw their hat in the ring.

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A talent strategy focused on the right things Most people hire based off the resume, yet fire based off how the person behaves. You will no longer be doing this. FIND OUT MORE A rigorous assessment process You will get a far more rigorous candidate assessment process, greatly enhancing the likelihood of getting it right. FIND OUT MORE A transparent view of the candidate You will be working with people whose sole task is to find great talent for your business, as opposed to finding jobs for candidates. FIND OUT MORE A fair pricing model You will only pay for the work that we do - no more, no less. FIND OUT MORE

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    Employ people with the right attitude, aptitude and behaviors so you can focus on growing your business. Find out today how Inject is helping Melbourne business owners achieve greater confidence in their people.

    What Our Clients Say

    We had used recruitment agencies in the past but we found Inject very different from traditional agencies. Tommy and his team were very thorough in understanding the brief and our requirements. The recruitment process was designed to attract the right candidate. We were kept in the loop while the initial screening and interviewing process was conducted. The shortlisted candidates they put forward were of very high calibre. We ended up hiring Richard Jeans and Albert Xin. We are very happy with our decision as both Richard and Albert are an integral part of our Digital Marketing Team and performed exceptionally well in their roles. I would highly recommend Tommy and Inject to anyone looking for a personalized service and great results.

    Amir Anis, Managing Director, Sting International

    We went to Inject because we simply didn't have time to hire the wrong person. We knew from a referral that they (Inject) were experts and we couldn't deal with another recruitment agency sending us forms to fill out trying to fit our needs into their tick boxes.  The process was simple and effective because the team did their research on us and really listened to what we were after, that meant we could focus on other priorities with confidence the team could make decisions on our behalf.  The end result was better than we had hoped for. Jade is doing extremely well, a key staff member who has helped us to grow the business and culturally a perfect match for our unique style. We highly recommend Inject.

    Kristy Pettifer, Operations Manager, Right Angle Studio

    In the past I tended to do the sourcing myself and found that it was consuming so much of my time that should have been spend on the business so when I was offered their service I decided to give it a try and very pleasantly surprised how it worked out this time and many times afterwards. The process that Inject Recruitment used was very technically detailed in this case and allowed us to select from a few top possible candidates instead of having to plough through the hundreds of applicants.

    Joe Foster, Joint Managing Director, Omniverse Foster Packaging