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We’re for business leaders who believe their people are a source of competitive advantage.

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We help build an engaged and high performing team of people

We know that in order for a business to build an engaged and high-performing team of people, there needs to be an integrated approach to recruitment, HR management and training practices.

These practices need to be tailored to the specific context and culture of that business. So you get an HR team who is involved, learns about your business in-depth and becomes an extension of your team. It is this approach that allows us to apply our techniques from the inside, rather than looking from the outside-in.

We work with small-medium businesses who are looking to build that high performing team.  We know our practices work, because we see the success of our client’s businesses and the relieved looks on business owners’ face. This is what we have been doing for businesses like yours since we began in 2013.

Recruitment & Selection

You can choose for us to take on part or the complete end-to-end recruitment approach to find and assess candidates on your business’s behalf. You receive an objective assessment of candidates to help you to hire the right person and (importantly) avoid hiring the wrong person.

Human Resource Management

You will have the right infrastructure and tools to lead and manage your team for effectively. Your team is supported with onboarding, probation management, performance management and KPI setting, career path structures, remuneration and reward processes. You will also have your HR risk and compliance managed, with actions to resolve identified matters.

Training & Development

Your new entrant training programs will be engaging for the learner, reduce management time and reduce time to competence. Your team can also benefit from targeted programs to develop leadership, communication and time management.

For Business Owners and Managers who Believe their People are a Source of Competitive Advantage

Our human resources company helps leaders of small-medium businesses who fit the following criteria:

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