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Our Services are Purely Focused on Helping You Build a High Performing Team

Chances are your way of business or strategy is different from your competitors. If this is true then your talent should be different from the run-of-the-mill industry standard too.


At Inject, we are in the business of recruiting, but we are not a recruitment agency. We are a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We take on part or the complete end-to-end recruitment approach to find and assess candidates on your business’s behalf.

Permanent Recruitment

Hire your next key employee to assist in the growth or operations of your business.

Temporary Recruitment

Hire temporary staff to provide your business relief from staff going on leave or assist in getting through project work.

Psychometric Assessment

We use scientifically proven methods and assessments to identify a candidates’ aptitude and behaviours and indicate whether they’d perform well in a role.

HR Services

Effectively manage your team to gain a competitive advantage. We provide onboarding, training and development for new talent, performance management and KPI setting for your current talent, and long-term workforce planning.

For Business Owners and Managers that Believe their People are a Source of Competitive Advantage

Finding the next recruit can be exciting and daunting. If you fall in any of the buckets below, we might be a good fit for you:

We’re a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company that Works with You to Find, Assess and Hire the Right Talent

At Inject, recruitment is never about ticking the boxes. It is about finding out what is important to your business, what you are trying to achieve, and then focusing on finding the right people to help you do it. We have an objective, rigorous talent strategy that identifies the people you want in your business, saving you uncertainty and time.

FREE EBOOK: Building a High Performing Team on Purpose

An 8-part self-guided series for small to medium business owners and their leadership teams. 

We’ve comprehensively assessed over 2000 candidates to date


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