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You get the right HR processes and practices that enable business growth, support leaders to get the best out of their teams and to maximise the chance of retaining your staff.

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Human Resources as a lever for growth

Most HR companies focus mainly on compliance, provide a standard set of templates and will do their best to make you scared of Fair Work.  Whilst we definitely ensure risk and compliance matters are properly covered, we believe to be the absolute minimum standard and so just doing this won’t build a high performing team.

With our solutions, you experience HR processes that will give you better insight into what is taking place within your business, as well as the tools and techniques to improve the performance, alignment and development of your team.

Best of all, we are working alongside you and your employees to ensure that what we have developed for you is working as intended. 

The team that designs, manages and executes your Human Resource initiatives.

We work with you to translate what HR and people initiatives are required to deliver on your business objectives. 

These initiatives are designed to:

Align staff to your strategic and operational processes

Deliver an excellent new entrant experience

Enable managers to provide regular feedback about matters that are most important

Proactively engage with your managers on important activities (e.g. probation management)

Provide staff with a clear career path and a tool to track their progress

Gain valuable and objective feedback from employees ahead of bigger issues arising

Deliver a clear and transparent remuneration and reward process

Capture all HR processes in one engaging online platform

Performance Management & Probation

When your business is rapidly growing, it can be difficult to monitor and manage the performance of your staff. We help your business map what success looks like for new starters in the first 3 to 6 months, and then establish the KPIs and the training program to get them there.

We can introduce proven strategies and processes to create a structured and objective approach to performance management. This will provide your team:

Position Descriptions & Organisational Design

The way you resource your business today will likely be different if you were to scale it in 12 months time. Especially if your vision is to be able to move away from working in the business to on the business.

We develop your position descriptions and overall organisation design, to establish a clear framework for accountability and performance management, and provide a foundation for employee development and career progression. This will provide your team:

KPI & Goal Setting

As opposed to developing a long list of unachievable and unmeasurable tasks, our approach is based on finding the key measures and goals that will assist in driving the performance of the company and be motivating for your people. We work side-by-side in developing the right measures and then supporting both your managers and staff in following up with any reviews, tweaks and development actions. This will provide your team:

Recruitment & Training

With the new entrant training in place, you’ll be able to hire candidates based on their attitude, aptitude and behaviours. Not solely past experience. This gives your business the competitive advantage of accessing bigger talent pools.

Recruitment & HR Management

Hiring the right person is the first milestone. Making sure they’re set up for success through their onboarding and the first 30, 60 and 90 days is the next big impact on how they’ll add value to your business.

An integrated approach: hire, train & develop your team into high performers

We know that in order for a business to build an engaged and high-performing team of people, there needs to be an integrated approach to recruitment, HR management and training practices. These practices need to be tailored to the specific context and culture of that business. So we get involved, learn about your business in-depth and become an extension of your business. It is this approach that allows us to apply our techniques from the inside, rather than looking from the outside-in.

We work with small-medium businesses who are looking to build that high performing team.  We know our practices work, because we see the success of our client’s businesses and the relieved looks on business owners’ face. This is what we have been doing for businesses like yours since we began in 2013.

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