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The team was looking to build further capability in design and communication Sting Sports is a globally recognised boxing and apparel brand. Sting was the official glove of the Rio Olympics and remains as such for Boxing USA. 

The product is highly respected amongst athletes and boxing enthusiasts around the world.
As the business was growing, in late 2014 they were looking to build additional capability in design and communications. Whilst the product was (and remains) exceptional, it was important to continue to reach the market with the right message to help people build further engagement with the brand and products. 

The management team decided they wanted to hire a Designer, as well as a Media and Communications Manager, to build deeper capability in these areas.

After Inject took the initial brief, we considered the strategy for each role carefully, as the challenge with finding the right person was different. Finding where the right designers were was the first step. Next up was making sure that the style, behaviours and attitude fit the Sting brand. For the Media and Communications Manager, there were many candidates out there, but it was about attracting the best ones and then executing valid and reliable assessments to determine the most suitable capability. We were pleased to find Albert Xin for the Designer role and Richard Jeans for the Media and Communications Manager role.
We are very proud to see in 2018 that both Albert and Richard and still doing exceptionally well. Sting continues to go from strength to strength now looking forward to being the official supplier for 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast – right here in Australia!

We had used recruitment agencies in the past but we found Inject very different from traditional agencies. Tommy and his team were very thorough in understanding the brief and our requirements. The recruitment process was designed to attract the right candidate. We were kept in the loop while the initial screening and interviewing process was conducted. The shortlisted candidates they put forward were of very high calibre. We ended up hiring Richard Jeans and Albert Xin. We are  very happy with our decision as both Richard and Albert are an integral part of our Digital Marketing Team and performed exceptionally well in their roles. I would highly recommend Tommy and Inject to anyone looking for a personalized service and great results.


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