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Temporary Staff Without The Compromise In Performance

At Inject, we apply our proven approach in hiring permanent high performers to hiring temporary employees to help businesses short on staff. Whether for a few days, to a few weeks or months, Inject can manage the end to end process in finding, evaluating and placing a temporary staff to:

The types of temporary roles we can help hire include:

Why Temporary Recruitment?

Hiring temps can give small to medium businesses immediate short term relief and time to find the right permanent employee.

When staff go on annual leave or resign within a small to medium business, it can be felt substantially. The heavy workload is either shared among employees who are already at capacity within their own roles, taken on by the manager or left undone until another person is hired to fill the role.

When under pressure, hiring managers may be tempted to hire quickly, assess on face value attributes like years of experience or charisma, and miss the indicators of poor performance. The result? A bad hire that impacts others’ productivity and ultimately needs to be performance managed by the business—costing time, money and placing the business back at square one. There’s also the case of missing a golden opportunity. Rather than taking a one out, one in approach, businesses can take this opportunity to reevaluate their needs and determine whether the role can be moulded to something more beneficial as part of a bigger strategy.

Hiring temporary staff is a smart way to get through a backlog of work or provide relief in staff shortages; while giving businesses the amount of time to properly assess and hire the right permanent staff.

Why Inject

As you may have gathered, we think and do things differently at Inject. Not just for the sake of it, but because we know that there are many practices out there that result in poor outcomes.

We are all about hiring the right person for the right role. This means that we will find you the right temp for your immediate requirements, whilst we also find the right person for the permanent solution. We have a unique approach to the temporary market that results in you getting a better-quality person for your temporary role than what others will provide you.

We’ve comprehensively assessed over 2000 candidates to date


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