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How Much Should I Pay My Employees?

If you ask this question to most business owners, let’s be honest – the real question is: how low can I pay my employees and get away with it.  I understand why this is the case.  I’m a business owner too.  After all, it’s your own hard-earned money that you

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Should I Hire a Contractor or Employee?

This is often not the question I hear. It is usually more the case of hearing “We have them engaged as a contractor, so we don’t need to worry.” Uh…maybe, but probably not. Employee vs Contractor Figuring out whether a new worker is an employee or contractor is one of

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Should I Have a 3 Month or 6 Month Probationary Period?

You may be wondering … Are these the only options? What difference does it make?  The answer of course depends (don’t you hate that?). Don’t worry; it’s not too complicated in the end, so here goes… Understanding Unfair Dismissal The first thing to be aware of is that in terms

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