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Standardise high performance by replicating the skills and behaviours of your top performers.

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The team that designs, manages and executes your training and development initiatives.

We work with you to translate what training and development initiatives are required to deliver on your business objectives.

These initiatives are designed to:

Leadership Training

In SMBs, it is common to promote employees based on their technical ability and contribution as an individual. Moving into a management role means that while they’ll still be valued for their technical ability, they are now also accountable for the success of their teams. By investing in leadership training, SMBs can bridge the gap between technical expertise and leadership skills.

Our leadership training is designed to develop core leadership competencies, including influencing others, effective communication, strategic thinking, team collaboration, and decision-making. Through interactive workshops, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, we equip leaders to inspire their teams, drive performance, and navigate complex challenges.

Time Management Training

Investing in Time Management Training can be a competitive advantage for your business, as it enables you to build a culture where every individual—from entry-level to senior executive—is able to prioritise their time to deliver what’s most valuable for the business.

In our Time Management Training, we help your business set a foundation and common language on what it means to manage time and energy, help individuals identify where their time is best spent and the different tools and techniques they can use to prioritise and complete their high value activities. This will provide your team:

New Entrant Training

With a New Entrant Training program, you’ll be able to focus on hiring people with the right aptitude, attitude and behaviours—the stronger indicators of performance—as opposed to being restricted to hiring in the same talent pools as all of your competitors and relying on years of industry experience as a measure of someone’s capability and success.

We work with you and your champions to design, develop and implement your very own New Entrant Training program. These comprehensive training programs will equip new employees to acquire the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to excel in their roles—whether it’s for a sales, operation or technical role.

An integrated approach: hire, train & develop your team into high performers

We know that in order for a business to build an engaged and high-performing team of people, there needs to be an integrated approach to recruitment, HR management and training practices. These practices need to be tailored to the specific context and culture of that business. So we get involved, learn about your business in-depth and become an extension of your business. It is this approach that allows us to apply our techniques from the inside, rather than looking from the outside-in.

We work with small-medium businesses who are looking to build that high performing team.  We know our practices work, because we see the success of our client’s businesses and the relieved looks on business owners’ face. This is what we have been doing for businesses like yours since we began in 2013.

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