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Hire aligned talent as part of your Competitive Advantage

Most people hire based on the resume and references – yet fire based on attitude aptitude and behaviours.  It makes sense to flip that around so that you are hiring people into your business who give you energy, rather than sapping it. The problem is that most business leaders are still stuck in the old paradigm – which is a great opportunity for you.

In order to do this, you need people who have the knowledge, tools, techniques and track record for accurately assessing candidates.  When you’re hiring, you’re essentially predicting the future.  Businesses who have worked with Inject have enjoyed a significantly improved business performance simply from better hiring practices alone.  Then when we pair that with our HR and training solutions – they really take off.

If you’re sick of the same old hiring practices that don’t work and are interested in learning about what does, then we’d love to have a chat with you.


The team that manages the end-to-end recruitment process

Because we are part of your business performing activities around HR and training, we get to know your operations, positions and people very well.  This allows it to speak to candidates with genuine knowledge of what the company is like, as well as being able to pick up on the subtle nuances of your culture and what is most important in the role we are hiring for.

For us, recruitment is not simply a tick-the-box exercise. Hiring the right talent helps your business grow the right way.

End-to-end Recruitment Management

End-to-end recruitment and selection covers the entire process of identifying, attracting, evaluating, and hiring candidates for new or existing roles. With Inject, this process typically includes designing roles, sourcing and screening candidates, conducting interviews and assessments, making job offers.

Managers are provided with a detailed analysis and debrief on their strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to the position, based on valid and reliable assessments.  This thorough analysis not only increases the chance of hiring the right person, it also prepares the manager and new starter for success after they have started.


Behavioural Interviews

Behavioural interviewing is a type of interview that focuses on past behaviour as an indicator of future performance. In this type of interview, we ask candidates to describe specific situations in which they have demonstrated certain skills or behaviours that tie back to the role we are hiring for. 

This enables our team to extract valuable insights into a candidate’s actual behaviour and capabilities, rather than relying on gut feel which is often influences by personal biases.  

Psychometric Testing

We collect a number of different data points through the hiring process. After initial screenings and the behavioural interview, candidates will be asked to complete psychometric tests. This method of assessment provides objective data on a candidate’s abilities and traits, reducing the risk of biased decision-making and increasing the chances of hiring candidates who are a good fit for the job and your business’ culture.s

An integrated approach: hire, train & develop your team into high performers

We know that in order for a business to build an engaged and high-performing team of people, there needs to be an integrated approach to recruitment, HR management and training practices. These practices need to be tailored to the specific context and culture of that business.  So we get involved, learn about your business in-depth and become an extension of your business. It is this approach that allows us to apply our techniques from the inside, rather than looking from the outside-in. 

We work with small-medium businesses who are looking to build that high performing team.  We know our practices work, because we see the success of our client’s businesses and the relieved looks on business owners’ face. This is what we have been doing for businesses like yours since we began in 2013.

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