About Inject

Inject is a recruitment process outsourcing company. We act on behalf of businesses to build a high performing team, whilst remaining fully transparent throughout the process.

At Inject, recruitment is never about just ticking the boxes. It is about finding out what is important to your business, what you are trying to achieve, and then focusing on finding the right people to help you do it.

We have an objective, rigorous talent strategy that identifies the people you want in your business, saving you the uncertainty and time.

Unlike recruitment agencies, we look to expand the industry selection pool instead of recycling candidates. By increasing the selection pool we discover and recruit the very best and most suitable talent for your business.

We partner with a range of industries and roles, but the one commonality around the people we hire is that true value is in getting that right person, as opposed to simply an impressive resume. We work with small to medium businesses with usually less than 150 employees, who are looking to challenge their industry and deliver a premium product or service. But most importantly, we work with emotionally intelligent leaders that have a progressive approach to HR management, with values that closely align with our own.

We are very proud that 87% of our business comes from referrals and that one-third of clients proactively refer us to new clients without ever being asked. We don’t mind where new clients come from, what we do care about is that there is an alignment of values and perspective.

If you do think we are talking the same language, we would love to hear from you.

Our Vision

To revolutionise how small-medium businesses hire, develop and lead their talent.

Our Mission

We will maintain focus purely on small-medium businesses that are run by ambitious leaders who share our core value of pursuing emotional intelligence. We will build our business around providing any value we are capable of to improve the people performance in their companies. We will apply the same principles and techniques we provide our clients within our own businesses to continue developing our capability and to remain authentic internally and externally.

Our Core Values

1. Pursue emotional intelligence.

First, know that emotions drive behaviour. Second, understand why you do what you do and why others do what they do. Third, behave accordingly.

2. Seek first to understand.

They say the person in the room with an opinion is the weakest one. Understand the situation first and base your decisions on the facts.

3. Display candour.

There is so much BS out there. Be honest with yourself and honest with others. People can take more than what you think, but also remember the first value when doing so.

4. Be a good human.

Show the best version of yourself – but be yourself. You’ll get fewer wrinkles that way.

5. 1 + 1 = 3

A scattered effort is a wasted effort. Focus on a few combined actions to deliver a superior outcome.

Our People

Tommy Sim


Thank you for taking an interest in Inject! Given you are here, I suspect that you are someone who is interested in learning more about how to hire the right people into your team. It therefore may be of interest to you that I started Inject back in 2013 because I observed business owners and managers continually making hiring mistakes. It was obvious these mistakes were crippling their companies and causing tremendous stress. I have always been interested in finding out the truth – you won’t find me in the Matrix as I will always take the red pill. I have discovered over many years that the truth is severely lacking in most company hiring processes – yet hiring the right people is key to business success. So I made it a personal mission to help business leaders see what was possible and to help them learn that they can hire high performers into their teams. Perhaps most importantly, we have shown them that there is a proven and repeatable process in doing so. We have helped many achieve this but have hardly scratched the surface.

Kate Walker


Coming from a family of small business owners, I’ve always been inspired by effort and innovation and I’m fortunate to work with people who inspire me every day. Yes, I studied business and HR, but what I’ve learned from being on the ground supporting businesses across a variety of industries has been equally valuable. A key learning has been that relationships are integral to success. It can be easy to focus on the numbers (and don’t get me wrong, they’re important!) but we get to know the human beneath the resume and role titles and how they form part of the team that helps your business grow. Aside from work, what brings me joy is making time to visit the family in Tassie, terrible puns and truffle on everything!

Connor Farnell


When it comes down to it, I have always had a passion for psychology and human behaviour because it has allowed me to understand people and what makes them tick.

This interest has led me to the business world to solve a real problem: how can we get good people into growing companies? Common terms in typical recruitment companies like ‘placements’, ‘hot-desks’ and ‘bums-on-seats’ mean nothing, but establishing transparency and rigorous assessment methods do.

It’s just a bonus that I get to do this with a bunch of people who are equally as geeky when it comes to understanding how people work as I am.

Emma Weninger


As a result of my strong background in retail, I developed an interest in working with people. This interest led me to study human resources and has now resulted in me joining the Inject team. These combined experiences mean I fully understand the importance of finding people for businesses, with the determination and attitude to succeed and progress in their careers.

Aside from my weekly habit of finding great brunch spots with delectably strong lattes and hearty servings of smashed Avo on toast, there is no better feeling than working alongside my team to acquire eager and motivated candidates to help the innovative businesses we work with grow.

Morgan Jones


I have always been interested in why people do what they do and what makes them tick. Having spent several years working in the hospitality industry, I have worked with a diverse range of personalities and experienced many different approaches. My main motivator was my passion for people! Whether that was helping a customer with their coffee order or coaching a team member on how to run a successful shift, I noticed that I enjoy setting others up for success and celebrating the rewards it brings.

Originally from a small coastal town in NSW, moving to Melbourne had always been a goal of mine. Moving to a big city presented itself with heaps of opportunities. Working for Inject has enabled me to pursue my passion for people (specifically, the right people), and in turn, help set up other businesses for success.

Samantha D'Roza


My passion for people and interest in Human Resources stems from my growing desire to enjoy what I do, and always look forward to Monday! My degree nurtured my curiosity about various management styles and behavioural theories while my role in hospitality guided how I support my team and bond with customers. This has led me to dedicate my career to helping people find their ideal roles, and helping businesses create high performing teams.

When the weekend rolls around, you’ll find me crocheting beanies or blankets, taking a walk in the park, or having a nap with my cats.

Ben Cudlipp


With a background in Psychology, I place great value on helping others, understanding people, and providing evidence-based practices. I firmly believe these guiding principles underpin an effective recruitment strategy, allowing me to select the right person for the role, company and situation. This is something I am passionate about since it affords me the opportunity to have a positive impact on those I recruit and the clients I collaborate with.

Working with Inject allows me to deliver on what I value, standing out from the crowd in terms of how we invest in getting to our clients and our evidence-based assessment methods. On top of all this, our supportive culture and emphasis on being genuine make me proud to represent Inject.

Our Partner Companies

Inject was originally founded in 2013 by Tommy Sim, who is also the founder of our partner company Beyond HR Consulting and 2 Degrees Learning.

Beyond HR Consulting is for small-to-medium business owners looking to grow rapidly and feel maximum confidence in their team. Most HR consultancies emphasise compliance and the fear factor of ending up in front of the Fair Work Ombudsman. Beyond HR’s focus is on building and nurturing a high performing team.

2 Degrees Learning

2 Degree Learning is a creator of online learning programs that are tailored to the needs of your business. Often smaller businesses don’t have the capacity or know-how to develop effective induction and training materials – this is where 2 Degrees Learning can help.

Our clients are proud of the people they’ve hired